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As our name suggests we don’t come at ideas from a standard perspective. We generate unique treatments, mood films, writing, and world class visual research with the solitary aim of winning pitches for our clients. As objectives go it’s pretty simple, but our work is anything but.

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We amplify your voice. A winning idea is worth nothing if you can’t convey it to a client in a way that not only explains it in ways the layman can understand, but also gives them a glimpse of the personality and passion that your director will be bringing to the project. Our writers have the experience to know that there is a balance between providing the reassurance of key points that settle client nerves while exciting them with possibility. We are of selling a creative vision while never losing sight of the brand identity.

Visual research / design layout:
Visual research and design is a specialized skill that can make or break your treatment and by extension your pitch. It should aim to capture the tone and feel of the film while still showing a clear narrative through the visuals. Each layer also heightening the appeal of the brand. Our team are not just exceptional at assembling an aesthetic. 

Mood films / Animatics:
Often part of winning a pitch is to hook people at an emotional level. Give them a feeling that they can carry through your treatment, something they can attach to your idea. A combination of powerful visuals and emotive musical selections edited together to form a mood board/animatic/steal-omatic, can transform a run of the mill concept into a piece of art. It’s not exaggeration, it’s the result of having successfully produced so many of them we know what we are talking about and how to make them work for you.


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Who have we worked with

Now that would be telling. And we don’t tell. It’s part of why people come to us and then come back again. We don’t name-drop, the work speaks for itself. Confidentiality is vital to this business. We are your treatment ghosts quietly working our magic in the background. We know who you are and we like working with you. You like our work and that’s why you come back. We have a loyal following of customers which we have built up over a long time. Our relationships with directors and creatives etc. are vital to our ongoing success and we take them as seriously as the pitches you entrust us with. You win, we win.



EP / Visual Researcher / Slugger
E-mail: bruno@southpawtv.co
Skype: bruno SPTV


Writer / out-boxer
E-mail: guido@southpawtv.co
Skype: guido SPTV


Visual Researcher + Writer / Haymaker
E-mail: mj@southpawtv.co
Skype: mj SPTV


Visual Researcher / TKO
E-mail: eva@southpawtv.co
Skype: eva SPTV